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Canadian Government Publications (English):

Canadian Government Publications (French):

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International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) publications:

Online Publication Store is available from ICAO which includes instructions for ordering the documents listed below:

  • Annex 14 - Aerodrome Design and Operations (Volume 1)
  • Annex 14 - Heliports (Volume II)
  • Aerodrome Design Manual - Part 1 Runways
  • Aerodrome Design Manual - Part 2 Taxiways, Aprons and Holding Bays
  • Aerodrome Design Manual - Part 3 Pavements
  • Aerodrome Design Manual - Part 4 Visual Aids: Heliport Manual
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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) publications:

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Asphalt Institute publications:

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    2019 SWIFT Conference and Tradeshow in Vancouver, BC
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  • Past meeting minutes can be found HERE


  • The presentations and any information available from the 2017 SWIFT conference in Halifax, NS are available in the Technical Resources Section under Presentations.
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