Membership to the CAPTG is free and open to anyone interested in the planning, design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, monitoring, performance evaluation and management of airfield pavements.

Membership details are provided in the By-Laws. There are currently four membership categories which are reviewed on an annual basis:

  1. General Membership

  2. Sustaining Membership

  3. Honorary Membership

If you are interested in participating in CAPTG, please contact the CAPTG Secretary or any of the Board Members.

Past Meeting Minutes:


  • September, 2018
    2019 SWIFT Conference and Tradeshow in Vancouver, BC
    • CAPTG Technical Track
      Coming Soon
    • Conference Workshop
      2019 Agenda Now Available
    • Hotel Information
      Hotel information for the 2019 conference attendees is available on the SWIFT website here.


  • Past meeting minutes can be found HERE


  • The presentations and any information available from the 2017 SWIFT conference in Halifax, NS are available in the Technical Resources Section under Presentations.
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