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September 2016 - Minneapolis, MN, USA

September 2015 - Montreal, QC

Pictures and More ... Comming Soon

September 2014 - Vancouver, BC

September 2013 - Ottawa, ON

September 2012 - Banff, AB

September 2011 - Montreal, QC

September 2010 - Calgary, AB

September 2009

September 2008

September 2007

September 2006

September 2005


  • FEbruary 19, 2020, CAPTG Planning MEETING
    Information Coming Soon
  • September 21-24, 2020
    2020 SWIFT Conference and Tradeshow in Winnipeg, MB
    • CAPTG Technical Track
      Information Coming Soon
    • Conference Workshop - September 21, 2020
      Information Coming Soon
    • Hotel Information
      Hotel information for the 2020 conference attendees will be available on the SWIFT website here.


  • Past meeting minutes can be found HERE


  • The presentations and any information available from the 2019 SWIFT conference, in Vancouver, BC, (and previous conferences) are available in the Technical Resources Section under Presentations.
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